Log of our third trip of 2022

Avon, NC

The Outer Banks

April 15-24, 2022

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 10,223 - End 11,858 - 1635 Miles

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Left on Good Friday and found little traffic.  We had a very nice trip down.  Left at 10:30 am and found ourselves at the rest area at 5:30 pm.  Made dinner, played computer and had a great night sleep.  Up at 3, on the road at 4 and at Salvo by about 8 am.  Took a nice walk and then waited on the cleaner.

They caught themselves a turtle!


There are some INCREDIBLE kite boarders here.  These videos are AMAZING.  There are three:

Here is a link to the first video which may be faster.



Here is number two:

Here is a link to the second video which may be faster.



Here is number three:

Here is a link to the third video which may be faster.



Here is the lighthouse from the boardwalk at the very back of Kinnakeet:

Here is a link to the lighthouse which may be faster.

Started my Tuesday, April 19, 2022 Avon morning walk crabbing and complaining about the temperature being fifty degrees. It is supposed to be warmer on Hatteras Island in April!

While walking I checked my cameras at my home in northeast Ohio. Watched a thunder snowstorm. Kind of made me warm and toasty! Hell, I started sweating.

From the buggy patch behind Hatteras:

And now we have a black bunny.  This one was behind Hatteras Realty.

Today, April 21, 2022, while walking on the beach I found a shiny gold colored shell. It is not made of gold. But it is shiny and gold colored. Iíve never seen anything quite like it. When I first saw it in the sand I was awe struck as it looked so very different than anything I had ever seen. Love it!  Turns out these are "jingle shells", or Anomiidae (common pronunciation). I want to find more!!!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anomiidae

Leaving at 2 pm kind of sucked around Raliegh.  Got to figure better. 

Here's our walks:

Day Miles walked Total
4/16 Salvo Day Use - 1.8 1.8
  Oceanview - 1.6 3.4
4/17 Kinnakeet - 3 6.4
4/18 Kinnakeet - 4.4 10.8
4/19 Kinnakeet - 4.0 14.8
  Kinnakeet - 2.3 17.1
4/20 Kinnakeet - 4.8 21.9
4/21 Oceanview/Kinnakeet - 2.7 24.6
  Beach north - 3.1 27.7
4/22 Beach south - 3.3 31.0

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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