Log of our second trip of 2022

Avon, NC

The Outer Banks


March 11-22, 2022

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 8553 - End 10.223 - Miles

1670 miles

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This was an odd trip down.  There was a deep low that would dump significant snow from south of Cleveland on through North Carolina.  It was to arrive Saturday around noon in the OBX.  HELL WITH THAT!  We got to the rest area Friday and got about five hours sleep.  Left again at 1 am, arrived at the condo about 8 am, unpacked and watched the rain start about noon.  Frig you Mother Nature!

Had no problem at the [March, low traffic] rest area.  Found a spot, backed in, threw the bedroom out and all was well.


It also fits at the condo!  At least in March when I pretty much have my pick of spots.


By evening Saturday we had sixty mile-per-hour gusts and thirty degrees.  That is a level of cold we get once in a while in Cleveland.  Sunday morning wasn't much better.  Not much was moving in the cold.  By Sunday late morning we got 2.45 and another 2.38 in the evening.  Not bad for 30-45 and breezy.

Had a HELL of a time rassling with both the Spectrum wireless and the Pi network.  Took the whole day and while it appears stable, who knows!!

During our walks we saw the lot where the home had burned in 2020 was now just a lot ... with a swimming pool.


The dogs have new prey.  On Starboard Drive it appears some pet rabbits have been set free.  And deer.  And cats.


During a cool day we got to walk the trail to the sound that is, the rest of the year, too buggy to walk.  It ended in the ruins of some rich guy's sound-side dock, he now probably long dead.  That  is a fifteen (15) MILE view to the lighthouse!!!


We happened upon a loon on the beach.  Although going way around it, Odo's whining spooked it and it did its waddle/falling thing to the ocean.  From there it was like a bullet from a gun.  This bird can MOVE on the water ... and under it.  It went under and we watched for some time trying to figure out where it would come up.  Never found it!  On our way back it was resting again.


Kinnakeet's water tower, the only high point for radio frequencies, is chocked full!  Talk about an RF dense space!


There's a deer in this picture.  The dogs found it but I had to really look.



Nino's put up a new for sale sign.


This year had a lot of beached boats.  Our septic guy had to pay a HUGE amount to get his boat free.  I saw this small sailboat abandoned soundside in Avon.


This fellow had to replace his leachfield last year.  Renters will NOT be parking on his pipes again!

Here's our walks:

Day Miles walked Total
3/13 2.5 Oceanview/12 2.5
  2.5 Kinnakeet 5.0
3/14 3.7 Kinnakeet bug path 8.7
  2.2 Oceanview/12 10.9
3/15 2.2 Oceanview/12 13.1
  2.4 Oceanview/12 15.5
3/16 2.4 Kinnakeet 17.9
  2.0 Oceanview/12 19.9
3/17 3 Beach south 22.9
3/18 4.2 Sounside boardwalk 27.1
3/19 4.4 Kinnakeet back 31.5
  2.2 Oceanview/12 33.7
3/20 4.2 12 north 37.9
  4.3 Beach north 42.2
3/21 4.4 12 south 46.6
  2.7 Oceanview/12/Kinnakeet 49.3
3/22 2.2 Trail by treatment plant 51.3
  2.5 Ocean South 53.8
3/23 2.5 Kinnakeet 56.3
  2.4 Salvo Day Use 58.7
2/24 1.5 Oceanview (rain) 60.2

WHAT A TRIP HOME!!!!  We are not supposed to be in heavy snow in March.

But there's something nice about coming off the beach and home to poopy weather!

Recovering at home:

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