Log of our sixth trip of 2021

Avon, NC

The Outer Banks

 Still a friggin Pandemic Trip

September 10, 2021


September 18, 2021

Attended: Dad, Nadette,Toodledip Wooozle, Odo, Chico and Cookie

Start 47,957 --  End 49,642 -- 1685 miles

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A very nice trip down. We took our time and did not run into any traffic.

Sunday brought a nice early morning walk followed by a PITA problem fixing the toilet followed by a PITA problem fixing the master bathroom lights.  No small task it took most of the day.  We did get a short walk on the beach.

Monday morning's sound walk:

Venison for breakfast!!!!!!

You take the one on the right!!!

Did a whole lot of floating around in the ocean on Monday.  The ocean was calm as can be.

If you were on the beach and saw two old farts laughing and playing in the waves, that was us.  We had a great time and behaved like children playing in the ocean.

Chico and Cookie, both out without leashes, heard fireworks and took off.  Cookie was caught but Chico took HOURS of searching and finally turned up over at Pangea Tavern.  They are now both on leashes at all times, as it should have been.

This is "Cookie Lesson One:  Leash Training":

More deer.  There was a whole group of them right behind the trees:

A storm blew in off the ocean as we got home:

There are a bunch of people at the end of the pier who are about to get REALLY wet.

Here is a video of a rainbow moving on shore.  It disappeared just before landfall as the rain stopped.

Click here for a link to the file of the Rainbow

Our last few days has rough ocean and a bit of rain.

Another great trip.

Here's our walks:

Day Miles walked Total
Saturday, October 11 Ocean View 2
Sunday, October 12 Ocean View into Kinnakeet 2.78
Monday, October 13 Sound boardwalk 3.83
Tuesday, October 14 The the end of Kinnakeet Shores 4.29
Wednesday, October 15 Beach walk to the south 3.35
Thursday, October 16 Oceanview/12 3.08
Friday, October 17 Oceanview/12 2.8

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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