Log of our fifth trip of 2021

Adventure #1


An adventure is a short trip to visit a number of places we either haven't seen or need to see again.

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve

Huron, Ohio

Magee Marsh State Wildlife Area

Oak Harbor, Ohio

Castalia Quarry Metropark

Castalia, Ohio

Maumee Bay State Park

Oregon, Ohio

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

Oak Harbor, Ohio

 Still a friggin Pandemic Trip

September 2, 2021


September 3, 2021

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle, Odo

Start 47,637 --  End 47,957 -- 320 miles

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This is our first "Adventure".  The idea is to move from spot to spot and discover neat things.  And we did!

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve

Our first stop was Sheldon Marsh where we learned that State Nature Preserves pretty much do not allow dogs.  Most are shut off from dogs.  Some have a short trail or two where dogs are allowed.  In general, no dogs at State Nature Preserves.

Castilia Quarry Reservation of the Erie County Metroparks

This is REALLY cool and well worth a stop.  This is an old rock quarry.  There are paths into the quarry, around the outside and some in other areas.  This place is both geologically cool and the vistas are pretty amazing.  There are no real difficult grades.  The whole park appears to be bicycle friendly.  We did about four miles here.

This is from inside the quarry:

From the rim trail.

What you don't see above is that they are both at a seventy-five foot shear drop.  They just walk right up there without any thought of falling.

Magee Marsh State Wildlife Area

This was a nice wetland walk.  Not a long one, but a nice view of the area.  Only did about a mile here as we did over four at Castalia.

Maumee Bay State Park

Grabbed an open site for the night.  For the evening before the Labor Day weekend the park was pretty quiet.  Had a nice fire.  A morning walk around the camp loop trail was like walking through a petting zoo!  There were so many animals and so many smells.  I didn't really expect to do the whole loop but the dogs were having such a good time we did the whole loop for a total of 3.5 miles.

The nightly Good-N-Fun chewy at the fire.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

This has some really neat birds, stuff we don't see except in a preserved wetland.  There is a lot more walking available here.  We did about four miles.

Here's the result of about seven or eight miles:

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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