Log of our eight trip of 2019


Kinnakeet, NC

October 6-16
, 2019

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 31,483  End 33,133 - 1650 miles

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This was a "leave on Saturday to arrive on Sunday" trip to test Sunday turn-over possibilities.  The trip down was seriously quiet with so very little traffic!

The weather is WONDERFUL.  Highs around 79 with lows around 70.  All the windows are open and a great breeze is blowing through!


Had some visitors from Ohio!!!


We had a storm well out to sea that caused quite a rough ocean, overwash and enough flooding to close the highway at the S-curves.

When I arrived, the bottom of these steps were uncovered.




For seven months they have been working to move this house west about fifty feet.  Seven months.


Here's another they are planning to move, I think.


They are shingling the sandblasted house.


It is surprising how often there is NOTHING on radar and it is raining.  Most often from rain moving in from the ocean.  You can see the rain in this shot.


More than a few dunes were moved in the nor'easer that subtropical storm Melissa puked out.


And, they will dig out the pool ... again.


I can hear this owner saying, "I know how to keep cars from parking on my septic system leach field and ruining the whole system!  I will plant eight-by-eight inch posts and put a big rope around it."  Behind this house are two huge trucks parked on that leach field.


Had an interesting time at the Condo HOA meeting. Seems I am now president of the association.

Left at 5:30 am and that put me through the North Carolina cities in good fashion.  Akron and Canton at rush hour was horrible.  Need to work on times. 


Day Date Miles walked
Sunday 10/6/19 1.66 beach
Monday 10/7 3 south beach
Tuesday 10/8 2.32 Ocean View
Wednesday 10/9 2.88 beach and 2.63  Ocean View
Thursday 10/10 2.33 -- rough seas and very high tides
Friday 10/11 1.13 overwash and 2.63 beach
Saturday 10/12 3.11 beach
Sunday 10/13 2.44 and 2.5 both Ocean View
Monday 10/14 1 -- HOA meeting
Tuesday 10/15 3.05 Beach


For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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