Log of our second trip of 2019



March 8-18, 2019

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 23,856  End 26,620 - 2763 miles

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An excellent adventure.

Our first day ... on arrival ... to Brazos Bend and we saw twenty (!!!!!) alligators.  TWENTY.  They were three and four on the bank next to the path.  Right next to the path was a huge and VERY VERY imposing fifteen footer.

There are four in this picture:


We thought ourselves VERY brave to take this shot.  Looks like that gator is quite a way away but believe me, we were all quite apprehensive.




These alligators are right next to the path.  You are walking at most about four feet from them.  The one on the right is the BIG one.

Went to the Houston Rodeo.  There was much to see and we had a great time.  They had one of the best petting zoos I have ever seen.  I am still surprised there were so many animals who were so very tame.  Hundreds of people in and out of the petting zoo area.

It was pig day.  There had to be 250 or more pigs of every flavor.  All of them large.

They had large displays of eggs that were hatching.  It seemed you could go by one of these displays and always see an egg hatch.

Lots of fun.


Still bloated as I write this the day after we went to the B&B Butchers and Steakhouse where I had an amazing 85 day dry aged bone-in rib eye.  I had thought nothing could top the Capital Grill but B&B has now displaced them.  The service was amazing.

We visited the Houston Space Center:


A local swan that thinks he's the boss of the neighborhood:


Here is the last flood line.  Same trees, just different colors after being under the water.


Toodles and the Brazos pass, a Texified motorhome,a bird who can't read and a blue bird:




Apparently there is a rule that alligators have the right of way at Brazos Bend State Park!  Had to stop and back up when this one decided to cross:



Odo outlasted everyone who thought they could throw the ball more times than he could bring it back:


We have been watching a spider who has built a web under the eve of Matt's house in the back yard.  What is interesting is that the spider, just prior to dawn, takes down the web competely.  After dark, the spider rebuilds the web, which is about a foot around and spends the night watching the web.  Day in, day out, build, take down, build.  The spider spends the day hiding under the eve.  So cool!




A Nutria and an American Bittern:

A lizard came to visit:


We visited the Battleship Texas and the San Jacinto Historical Site:



A Yellow Crowned Night Heron:


  Got seven solid hours of sleep on the road!!!!  Lesa bought me some Beaver Nuggets for the ride home.








Home again.  With a weeks worth of mail!

Brought Paprikash home.  Also used a matress topper which seems to have addressed a muscle problem after sleeping though that might have been dehydration.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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