Log of our first  trip of 2018
and our first trip in the Roadtrek

Maumee Bay State Park

Oregon, Ohio

August 7-9, 2018

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 15,638  End 15,843 - 205 miles

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As minimalist as I can do!

August 8, 2018 - First time out!!!

We had a great, uneventful trip.  Toodles and Odo had never ridden in any motorhome so this was a first for both.  They decided they would both sit on the front seat.

The park is not very busy at all, perhaps at twenty percent of its capacity.  I had reserved 158.  The motorhome looks downright silly, taking so little of both the width and length of the space.

It was a hot day, with temperatures in the 90s and a threat of rain.  Had a bit of rain on the drive up.  It was enough to wash the dust off.  Not much to setting up but the heat soak surprised me.  When it is warm out the box gets toasty until the muffler, engine and drivetrain cool off.

Storms were supposed to be coming.  We hit the Mouse Trail and both dogs immediately realized we were the most target-rich environment we had ever been in!  They went crazy with the number and types of smells.

We logged 2.62 miles but you'd of think they walked ten miles.

August 7, 2018

We slept like babies.  I am THRILLED with the comfort!

We were up and walked the entire campground, a distance of six miles.

AND ... ready?  Odo caught himself a rabbit.  He determined that if he throws himself into each and every area of shrubs, he'd eventually throw himself right into a rabbit.  He was right!  Preferring releasing the rabbit unharmed to Dad starangulating him, he let the rabbit go unharmed.  Also below is my wood transport device version 1.

A visit from a Cooper's Hawk who was looking to deprive a nest of some babies:

A VERY green tree!

Later we walked the Inland Lake Trail, a distance of 2.4 miles.

If you look above Toodles, you will see a  Blue Heron who really hoped that Toodles would not notice him.

Tried out the shower and believe it or not, taking a full shower in a Class B, a small Class B at that, is not only possible, but easy.

And this is how Toodles is often found napping:

August 8, 2018

Left early and dumping was easy.  Overall a trip with nothing wrong with a new unit during a shake down.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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