Log of our first trip of 2017


Outer Banks!

Rodanthe, NC

For the first time ever, renting a house!

March 24 through April 1

Attended: Dad, Toodledip and Puppy Odo

March 25, 2017

Odo is only 20 weeks old and the poor boy gets so carsick!  He got sick about six times between home and Breezewood and then, apparently, ran out of gas.  It was a twelve hour drive.  Most of the way it was seventy miles-per-hour.  The only rough spot was between Washington, DC and the North Carolina border.  That sucked with bumper-to-bumper traffic the whole way.  If there is a definite plus to driving a motorhome it is missing the traffic in this area.

We are staying at a "cottage" called "1 Particular Harbor" in Rodanthe.  We have five bedroom and three and a half baths.  There are three floors with the living area on the top.  There is a wonderful view of the ocean from the top floor and the top floor deck.

This is the first time I've rented and found out I had to make a trip to get supplies.  But it all came together.  The dogs got their first two mile walk on the beach.


Here's Toodledip after about ten hours:


And here's Odo after ten hours and a lot of puking:


March 26, 2017

The forecast was for the low 60s.  It went to 75 and with full sun.  We did three miles in the morning and three in the afternoon.  Odo was a pain the butt as he was scared of the ocean.  Toodledip LOVED the beach and everything about it ... except for his leash.


Our first walk on the beach


Get off our beach!

Lounging on the deck



Shipwreck that can be seen at low tide at south Rodanthe




March 27, 2017

We did another three miler in the morning.  Clear day with blazing sun.  We went in at the 25 access point and had the beach to ourselves ... all by ourselves. 

Up ahead the beach is BLACK for about a mile.  This is a HUGE flock of  birds!


Properly sandy feet


Tired Toodles after a walk


Tired Odo after a walk


Here is the view of the beach from the third floor balcony


Here is where I spend a few hours a night looking at stars


Looking down at the (still closed for winter) pool


Another wreck on the beach


Mind you, this is day two of 75 and sunny.  I'm cooked like a lobster.  The windows are open and the ocean is roaring.  LOVE IT.

We did have a little rain, so we went sightseeing.

The boys at the light


March 29, 2017

OK, one hour before low tide, walking north from ramp 25 the sand is hard as can be and the walking is eeeeaaasssyyy.  Recommended.  Plus, there is a handicap ramp over the dunes which makes it nice.


Two dogs reflected in this picture:


A pelican in the sun:


Two more pelicans visiting.  I like pelicans.


Sound side sunset from the top deck


March 30, 2017

Another bright and sunny day!  Awesome!  Took the boys for a walk at the Salvo Day Use Area, which Odo really liked.  It is a bit cool for his puppy fur and the beach is not to his liking.


The Salvo Day Use Area walk, a bit over three miles.  The north loop is about a mile and the south loop is also about a mile.




Even at the peak of the tourist season the beaches aren't crowded.  It isn't at all unusual to take a three mile walk and never see another person.

Here's looking north:


Here's looking south:


We had to turn around due to another "black bird beach".  There were thousands of black sea birds and we didn't want to make them move.


But about a half-hour later, at the car, we saw wave after wave after wave of these bird.  Literally thousands flying over.


Three shots of the handicap ramp at Ramp 25:




March 31, 2017

It had the audacity to rain!  We still got in a good long walk at Salvo.  Packing up.  It is sad to throw out food that can't be transported back.


April 1, 2017

Another long drive back but it went OK.  Toodles was funny.  We were approaching the only tunnel we go through on the PA turnpike.  He looked forward and got a really concerned face.  This brow furrowed.  His eyes widened.  He looked back.  He looked forward, back and forward.  He seemed to be trying to figure out what this hole we disappeared into was.

The dogs were surprised to be home.  They were quite joyous and at bedtime, Odo just ran around and around.  He seemed to be really happy to be back.

Here are pictures from the house which has five bedrooms and three and a half baths:

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13 

14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25

Here are the floor plans.  I pretty much lived on the third floor:


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