Log of our first trip of 2011 
Alum Creek
State Park

Delaware, Ohio

What three days of rain can do to a campsite!

March 3 to 6, 2011

Mileage Start 35,430 -- Home 35,681
Attended:  Dad, Nadette, Moose and Gracie Allen

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Alum Creek at one time was a nice, away from things park.  Now, encroachment by the overflow from Columbus has changed its character.  Not only is it no longer "away from things", but it has become home to yuppie boaters.  It isn't unusual to arrive to a bustling, nearly full campground only to wake up the next morning to a ghost town as everyone has left for the lake.

March 3

This is my first trip back to Alum Creek since 2002!  As Alum Creek is a boater's park, where people come to boat more than camp, it's a nice visit in the late fall, winter and early spring.  There is good walking.  Here in the winter they have only a small number of muddy sites open.  Quite disappointing.

We arrived on a beautiful, sunny late winter day.  Unfortunately, rain, heavy rain, is the order of the weekend.  We took a nice 3.8 mile walk with the dogs.  That was followed by a fire with hot dogs and marshmallows.  We finished the evening out watching a few episodes of a TV show I was able to get from the library.

March 4

Moose, Grace and I went for a five mile walk early in the morning.  Then the rains came!  Last weekend the weather went from frozen to heavy rain.  In Cleveland we had terrible flooding.  Now it appears we are going to repeat the same event.  It is raining.  Hour after hour.  The forecast is for three or four inches before it turns to snow (!).  We took advantage of a break and got a mile or so in before it started raining again.

We had brunch at the local Waffle House.  We went there because Nadette's son Arsom works in the Waffle House in Bowling Green.  It was good food although the epitome of a "greasy spoon".  Cracker Barrel is next.

We took a ride to Delaware State Park and I was thrilled to see that they upgraded their electric.  Delaware is my favorite park except that the old power was terrible.  Delaware is on the list.  Unfortunately, Delaware also floods - to the point of covering much of the campground.  This is a good weekend to avoid Delaware!

DVDs and playing on the computers is the order of the evening.

March 5

 It is pretty clear we will need an ark to survive this rain!  It just doesn't stop!

March 6

The rain stopped!  It's now snowing.

What a weekend!!!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website for Alum Creek State Park

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