Log of our Fifth trip of 2009

West Branch State Park

Ravenna, Ohio

October 4-7, 2009

Start 34,603  Home 34,749  Miles:  146


Attended:  Dad, Gracie Allen and Moosie


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Full hookup doesn't include decent water pressure at West Branch.  Be sure to bring auxiliary water so you can boost their trickle up to a useable volume.


The box has new feet!!!  Running the suggested 95 psi in the new tires about rattled me apart.  I dropped that to 75 and the trip home was much better.  The sticker wants 65 but that's a bit too soft and might not represent the additional weight in day-to-day toys I am carrying.

Moose and Grace are sitting on the dock of the bay!

The picture to the right has a bunch of buzzards.  Click for a larger image.


This was a really great fall trip.  While the leaves have not changed, they are thinking about it.  We walked between six and nine miles each day.  The park was quite full, probably at eighty-five percent of capacity.  It was still quiet and well behaved.

We found a great place to eat that cannot come more highly recommended.  Arnie's West Branch Steakhouse is at 5343 State Route 14 in Ravenna.  It is on State Route 14 east of State Route 5.  It is on the south side of the lake.  I had a steak and chicken that was, put simply, perfect.  Prices were lower than I would have expected.  A steak and chicken breast, ice tea and a salad was about $20.  Be sure to call for reservations:  (330) 297-1717 as it is very busy.  Come early.  Late means an hour wait.

The park was decorated for the upcoming Halloween campout scheduled for October 19 and 20.  Surprisingly, the campground is full (F-U-L-L) the whole week before.  WOW!  The shower houses were all decorated in orange lights, pumpkins and figurines.  The VIP sites were likewise adorned.  This park has VIPs who go far beyond what I would expect.  Not only is the park clean and neat, but the holidays do become something special.

It is clear that besides the amazing VIPs, the park management must also be far above average. The park sports a new boat dock, full hookup sites and a new camper's beach is being constructed.  The signage is first rate.  There is an excellent trail system.  Everything about West Branch is special.  That is because everyone working and volunteering at West Branch is special.

Here are some shots of the moonrise over the motorhome:


The camper's beach and on the non-electric sites, each had a lantern hook:


The boat dock and the goofy water spigots that deny the ability to fill a RV:


The last day on full hookup site 118:


Note we started off on site 186.  A nice site but muddy in the fall rain.  We moved to full hookup site 118 for the last night.  Recommended!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website

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