Click for a larger imageLog of our sixth trip of 2007
Findley State Park

Wellington, Ohio

August 13-15, 2007

Attended: Dad, Gracie, Moosie

Start 33,973  End 34,037  --  64 miles

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Having fought so hard for so long to keep from improving this state park campground, the State finally put in two rows of electric.  It isn't much but it is a start.  The park continues to be an "also ran", as decrepit in 2007 as it was seventeen years ago when we last visited.  Who the hell is managing this place?

That being said, when the weather is dry the trail systems is first rate.

August 13

We were supposed to be at Cedar Point but Grandpa McCarty is very ill, he having broken his pelvis in a nasty fall.  Mary stayed home.  As there was no way for me to help, I snuck out to see if Findley changed.  It hadn't.  A nice park but nowhere near the quality of any other Ohio state park.  At least they have power, albeit poorly located.

We took a long walk, had a nice fire and are ready to turn in.

Click for a larger imageAugust 14

We took a long walk around the lake.  They have a number of trails and they are well marked by well-made routed signs.  The dogs had a ball.

A few years ago almost every crow was killed off by the West Nile virus.  It looked like crows were a thing of the past.  Let me tell you, Findley has crows.  They cackle from sunup to sunset and at times there is little else you can hear.

Our second time around the link included a heron that did not really want to move.  She kept a close eye but stayed her ground.  She must have been hungry and there must have been fish.  The pole is a nesting platform.  Click the picture for a larger image that shows the platform.


Click for a larger imageAugust 15

Up and another walk around the lake.  We saw a juvenile heron.  Never saw that.  Saw four deer.  We cleaned up and came home only to return with Fritz and Moose for another walk.  I figured I owed it to Fritz.  It is about 3.4 miles around the lake.


For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Findley State Park

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