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Click for a larger imageLog of our Third trip of 2006

West Branch State Park

Ravenna, Ohio
May 22-24, 2006
Mileage:     Start 31,556     Home 31,672     Miles:  116
Attended:  Dad, Gracie Allen

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May 22

Well, my first two semesters of law have been completed and I'm stealing off for a two day trip.  I've learned that West Branch intends to install a boat ramp in the parking lot just outside the campground office.  I've also learned from the volunteers that the canoeing is excellent just outside of the site 105 loop into a branch they call "J Lake".  One of the estuaries runs up into some small lake that he reports I will want to park the canoe and explore.  It is still quite cool.  We've had almost two weeks of rain.  Steady, constant rain has made things quite depressing.  Click for a larger image.Suddenly, my week off is here and the sun is out.  Joy!

I'm camped on site 105.  I doubt there is a better site if you have dogs.  There is a gravel service road that leads to the lake which provides a nice place to give the dogs a short walk.

Gracie was SUCH a pest.  She wanted so bad to go for a LONG walk.  So we walked ... the whole park.  She seems content.  We saw a pair of bluebirds.  The female wasn't all that much to talk about.  BUT THE MALE.  OH MY GOSH he was so blue.  He flew along with us for a time and we got to see him again and again.  What a pretty bird.  A large tree has also grown a toad stool perch about fifty feet off the ground.  How neat!

The motorhome performed flawlessly.  What a great motorhome we have!

May 23

For having worked last night I really didn't sleep during the day.  I did sleep at night!  We got up and took a long walk.  I noticed the reinvention tree (right or above).  This is an old-growth tree that has lost a huge part of its center and many large side branches.  It now looks quite young and is doing very well.  There's all kinds of lessons in that tree.

Much reading was done and we took two long walks.  If you walk the whole campground (except where the weird no pet people stay) the campground is 2.5 miles.

Had a nice fire which it should have been, seeing as I had four packages of wood.  I've not had much success melting larger bottles.  In the past I've been able to melt Austi bottles.  But the larger Bailey's Irish Creme seem to break too easy.  I'll have to find some help on that.

May 24

We got up, completed our June into July reservations, and took a long walk.  We packed up to head home to get a new lawn tractor.  Yuck.

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