Click for a larger image of the fireworksLog of our third trip of 2004 

Maumee Bay State Park

Oregon, Ohio

June 18-20, 2004
Mileage Start 28,451
Home 28,887



Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 46, Fezzi 12, Fritz 4, and beautiful little Gracie Allen 2

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NOTE:  All sites are approximately level.

June 18Click for a larger image

Click for a larger imageMom took the day off.  We spent the morning packing, had a nice lunch with Megan and Matt at Bob Evans.  Off we went to Maumee Bay!  The camp was full but this is our first trip with reservations.  In the office, I was advised I had no reservation.  Having the confirmation number, I suggested I did.  I asked them if the camp was full.  They said yes.  I asked if every site was full.  They said yes.  I asked them who was on site 155.  They said no one.  Then they realized that something was amiss.  They checked and checked and finally found we were the ones to occupy the site.  Although full, the camp is quiet.  Many bikers and few boaters.  On the fly I chose this site which is a wonderful site.  The sites are far apart and quite private.  We walked and biked.  Our butts hurt as we hadn't been biking for some time.  At 2200 we biked (in the dark) to the beach.  This was easy as there is a special bike path that keeps you off the road.  There we saw billions upon billions of mayflies.  Swarms.  We saw a great fireworks show.


June 19

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Got up at 0500 due to wind pulling hard on the awning.  Put that up and went back to bed to finally get up at 1000.  We took a long walk on the bike path.  Gracie had her first ride on a bicycle.  She is too large for Mom's front basket.  Every move changes the dynamics of the front fork and causes severe wobble.  We had a great fire in cool temperatures.  The mayflies are out again.  Millions and billions of them.


June 20

With the new reservation system you are supposed to be out by 1300 hours.  We managed a nice bike ride and a walk with the dogs.  Fritz decided to sniff the lake.  She fell in.  It was very obvious that she intended to fall in.  At any rate, she STINKS.  We got home in good order.

See the site map for details on the best sites (the ones next to water).

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