Click for a larger imageLog of our first trip of 2004 

Mosquito Lake State Park

Cortland, Ohio

Camp Office:  (330) 638-5700
Park Office:  (330) 637-2856


April 29 - May 2, 2004
Mileage Start 28,375
Home 28,451




Attended:  Dad 21, Megan 21 (1L), Eleanor and beautiful little  and Gracie Allen

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NOTE:  All sites are approximately level.  If you have a choice, site 15 is best.  14 is good, too.

Mosquito is a fisherperson's park with limited on-road walking.  When it is dry, it offers an interesting array of woodsy paths to explore.  The sites are mostly out of level but not unreasonably so.  Some blocks will fix you up fine.  The recent addition of electricity has brought the park into the range of choices open to people from the Cleveland, Ohio area.  It is definitely worth the trip to hear the fall owls chatting about who's the better of them.  It is about a two hour trip from North Olmsted, Ohio.


It sucks that in the last three years I have worked between 52 and 60 hours EVERY SINGLE week.  Camping has been way down.  On top of that, I've now earned my MPA which will be awarded in May.  In fact, I just took a break from writing this to remind a professor about a meeting.  So, now, here we go ... back to living life.

At Mosquito Lake State Park just about every campsite is level enough to be fine.  Site 15 is excellent and across from water.

April 29

Click for a larger imageThere are iridescent greenish-blue bugs about.  I know, the picture shows a green bug.  What's with that?  The bug was BLUE.  They are no more than 1/8 of an inch and of no bother.  They just look like a blue bug.  The picture shows so much more.  The spots.  The eyes appear gold from certain directions.  Ever wonder what a iridescent blue bug sees?



We took a number of walks.  Walking to the Beaver Trail by the camp boat ramp showed the beavers have been VERY active.  There is a beaver dam right next to the road!  There is another a bit farther back with a third behind that.  Then, finally, is the lodge.

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Click for a larger image--Lake side lodgeClick for a larger image








April 30

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Mom called reporting steady rain at home.  We thought today would be a day of compromise.  Like the tree, we'd have to bend.  Luckily, as of this writing about 1630 hours, it has not rained!  Meggie is coming to visit bringing Persiphony.

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We took a nice walk on the horse trail.  We were buzzed by two VERY yellow finches chattering with each other and appearing quite taken.  They would fly from this tree to the next.  We took a drive around the south side of the lake and scoped out a possible restaurant.

A later walk to the beach gave us a nice view of some purple martins who live at the end of the closed drive between the beach and the campground.  A number posed for pictures.

I tried and tried to read my book.  I brought a biography of Julius Caesar written bClick for a larger imagey Christian Meier.  Every page or so I'd drift off into a light sleep.  Time after time it happened until I came in for a nap.Click for a larger image

Meggie came and we took a ride around the park.  We saw what we at first thought were two baby beavers.  They seemed to be working hard on the dam.  After a bit, we determined they were muskrats.  They swam all around us for quite some time.  There are two in the photo although hard to see.  The one is in the upper right corner sitting on an island.  The other is swimming just in front of the drain pipe in the bottom center.  We caught dinner at the Baconsburgs Restaurant in town.

A happy pug ...

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Giving its owner a nice rawhide-laced kiss:

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We took a nice walk after dark and found Eleanor is a frog hunter extraordinaire.  Gracie found snakes!  Actually she tripped over this moving branch that about scared her out of her skin.




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May 1

We slept well and in the morning took a long walk to the marina that then required an immediate nap.  Gracie and Eleanor got their nails done.

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Click for a larger image of our beaver

Later we took another walk.  On the way to the camper boat ramp we heard a fairly loud "SLAP" in the water that could only be our beaver.  It was toward lake-side.  We intently watched the water on that side not realizing the beaver swam under the road, right under us, through a drainpipe!  Eleanor started pulling at her lead, we looked over, and the HUGE beaver was sauntering over the dam into the pond not ten feet from us!  He then swam around and appeared to enjoy watching us as much as we enjoyed watching him.  He chose a stick and began eating it.  Click on the picture to the right to see a larger image.  Muskrats and beavers in one pond in one trip!  So neat.

May 2

It rained and rained all night.  In the morning it poured.  We packed up and made our way home in the rain.  A very nice trip.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Mosquito Creek State Park

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