Log of our fifth trip of 2002 

Mosquito Creek State Park

Cortland, Ohio

Camp Office:  (330) 638-5700
Park Office:  (330) 637-2856
October 2 to 5, 2002
Mileage Start 25,422
Home 25,500
Attended:  Dad and Gracie Allen

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Mosquito is a fisherperson's park with limited on-road walking.  When it is dry, it offers an interesting array of woodsy paths to explore.  The sites are mostly out of level but not unreasonably so.  Some blocks will fix you up fine.  The recent addition of electricity has brought the park into the range of choices open to people from the Cleveland, Ohio area.  It is definitely worth the trip to hear the fall owls chatting about who's the better of them.  It is about a two hour trip from North Olmsted, Ohio.

You might have noticed the last few trips are punctuated by weekends at home.  I am now attending CSU and working on my MPA.  Camping is limited.  Over the last three weeks we've weathered the remnants of two hurricanes.  Mosquito, now with electricity, is a wonderful place.  Took wa;ks on their trails.  There are many interesting restaurants.  a great place to camp!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Mosquito Creek State Park

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