Log of our Sixth Trip 1999

Carson Long Military Institute

Carlisle, PA

Washington, D.C.

Aquia Pines

Abraham Lincoln Homesite

Springfield, IL

Alum Creek State Park

Delaware, Ohio

October 29-November 6, 1999
Mileage Start 14,332     Home 16,671




Dad and Kelley
With Mom at Carlisle

Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)


The trip started very nicely.  We made it fine.  The new fuel pump works great.  Matt, Mom, and I had a wonderful weekend.  Leaving was another story!  Just outside the site the thing stalled!  Had to have it towed to a dealership in Harrisburg.  They couldn't work on it and we packed as much as we could into the Saturn and came home.  It was ready Wednesday.  Berger and I took it to Aquia Pines south of Washington, D.C.  Saw many of the sites Washington offers:  The Police Memorial, the Viet Nam Vet Memorial, National Zoo, Air and Space Museum, National History Museum, US History Museum, Lincoln Monument, Washington Monument, Arlington.  I also wired the motorhome for phones.  Works great here where they have phones on site!  Dunno if I want to go to SC, NC, GA, or AR tomorrow!

Ended up seeing Springfield, Illinois (Lincoln's home and tomb).  Then went to Alum Creek for Megan's OSU Honors meetings.



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