Click for a larger imageLog of our sixth trip of 1996

Gettysburg National Military Park

Gettysburg, PA

Hershey, PA


Click for a larger imageJune 20-30, 1996


Mileage Start 77,685 --  Home 79,116




Dad, Mom, Meg, Matt, Kelly, Fezziwig

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Our trip to Gettysburg was in driving rain, terrible thunder, and winding mountain roads.  It took forever.  The times we logged mean nothing.  Granite Hill Campground is very nice and dry considering the rain.


We went to the National Tower, Wax Museum, took an auto tour, an Amish Irish shop, and the visitor's center.  Had a great time.  We stopped for lunch at Friendly's.


Went to Hershey.  Did the trolley tour through town, the zoo, and Chocolate World.  Had a great time!  Well worth doing.  It is a little over an hour out of Gettysburg.


Drive to the Outer Banks.


A beautiful sunny day.  Berger and I took a long walk in the morning and then I went for a ride into town (Kitty Hawk).  We then hit the beach ... four hours ... and came back a nice cherry red.  Very red!  While cooking out the seagulls were observed to have learned how to steal right off the hot grill!!!  Flew some kites.  We had a magnificent lightning storm at about 2 AM.  It rained and rained.


A long walk on the beach.  Found two very nice crab shells.  We took a ride to see the NC Aquarium and Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.  We flew kites.  matt and Mom went swimming while Meg and I tried to find a shipwreck.


A cooler, windy day.  My morning walk was a disaster.  Fezziwig got sandblasted and my sunburnClick for a larger image itched so bad I thought I would tear my skin off.  It was horrific!

A lazy day.  Didn't do much.  The kids swam.  I slept and played with kites.

We stopped at the real estate agent to check out houses to maybe move there.Click for a larger image

6/27Click for a larger image

Running out of time!


Click for a larger image(Matt and Mom) and (Meg and I) took rides over the Wright Memorial/Jockey Ridge area in a 1941 Curtis biplane.  It was NEAT!  We then visited lots of gift shops and took a ferry to Okracoke Island.  The island was nothing to speak of but we saw jellyfish and had a nice boat ride.  We stopped to eat at the Soundside Restaurant.  The help was awful but the food was great.


We did the Hatteras light.  Mom was very pleased she could make it up.  We had breakfast in Frisco and did enough gift shopping to make Matt hopping mad.  We came back to the ocean and I lost a line climber (boo hoo) and had to go back to Kitty Hawk Kites to get another one.  A swim in the pool rounded off our last day.


We had long delays on the Outer Banks and interstate roads.  The muffler pipe to header flange came off on the right side but otherwise it was a good trip.

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