Log of our second trip of 1995

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Phantom of the Opera

Canada's Wonderland

June 10-13, 1995

Mileage Start 71,813 --  Home 72,508


Attended:  Dad, Mom, Megan, Matt, Fezzi, Burger

Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)

Although it took longer we had a nice trip.  We took a nice swim.  We stopped at the Chinese buffet but it cost a fortune compared to what we ate.  On Sunday, we did Phantom and Eaton Center.  I found a GREAT pair of shoes and had a name tag made for my scout shirt.  Everyone liked the Phantom.

Our day at PCW was great.  We had the park to ourselves.  Walked out at about 1020 after arriving at 1100.

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