Log of our twelfth trip of 1994

 Niagara Falls, NY

Toronto, Ontario

Algonquin Provincial Park

Whitney, Ontario

Arrowhead Provincial Park

Whitney Ontario

August 3-22, 1994

Mileage Start 69,613--  Home 70,589


Attended:  Dad 21, Megan 11, Matt 10

Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)

We missed one toll part as I-190 was closed for a good way after the Peace Bridge.  We have an OK site for a KOA.  Went to the American falls and had a great time.  We swam.  The NY falls were great.

Toronto North Campground, a nice old KOA that has just opened after an influx of dollars.  We used it as a base to visit Canada's Wonderland and the Toronto Zoo.  The Wonderland was great.  Matt had a heck of a time chatting with a Romulan but couldn't say a word to a Klingon!  He just sat there flabbergasted.  The Toronto Zoo was very nice.  They really didn't have anything the Cleveland Zoo didn't have but their nature areas were HUGE.  Very, very big.  A good time.

Algonquin Kearney Sites:

Excellent:  147, 149     Good:  150, 153, 155     OK 119, 118, 107, 105

Algonquin repeater:  46.76

We are now at Arrowhead Provincial Park.  There were but three sites left with hydro (electricity).  Luckily we got one.  A nice, secluded park.  Good sites:  Best:  250 and 267.  OK:  211, 251.  Last resort:  269, 287.

Swimming at Algonquin Trails.  Swimming, swimming, swimming and they also did some swimming.  We did some Algonquin trails.  On Sunday we were able to latch onto 155 (me) and 153 (Mike).  In we went.

We did Peck Lake trail and saw three beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, and a bunch of other wildlife.  We also did Hardwood Lookout and a number of others.  We heard a report of a bear problem at the dump.  We found that it was on the south side, just west of the highland Ballpark Trail.  We parked and walked back and found lots and lots of bear poop.  We were very cautious and saw much of the dump but now all.  Eventually, we left without seeing what we went to see.  We did a interior trip on the south arm of Opeongo.  We lashed the canoe to the car and took a test trip.  I went up Centennial Ridges rail and followed a moose 1.1 miles at about three miles per hour.  He just wouldn't move.  We saw two buck moose in Kearny's marsh.  While coming back from our trip we saw a baby loon being taught to fish.  Neat stuff.  We keep looking at our maps for other places to go but can not find any that offers what Algonquin does.

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