Log of our sixth trip of 1994

 Maumee State Park

Oregon, Ohio

Boardwalk Trail

Toledo Zoo

Buck Creek State Park

Springfield, Ohio

Dayton Museum of Natural History

Cincinnati Zoo

Ohio Caverns

USAF Museum

Delaware State Park

Delaware, Ohio

Lost tire on trailer

April 4-9, 1994

Mileage Start 68,012 --  Home 68,491


Attended:  Dad, Megan, Matt

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Wow, they took what had been a field and is now a sprawling, huge park!  They did a tremendous amount of improvements here.  It would be fine for a weeklong stay.  We went to the Toledo Zoo and had a great time.  Back for a long boardwalk, fishing, exploring, and in general a very BUSY day.

We went to Buck Creek and again, an absolutely fantastic time was had by all!  We went on Safaris!  We would drive the park super slow, the kids would drive the car from the right seat and we would look for deer.  We saw herds and herds of deer.  We saw raccoon, flicker (which we ID'ed), coots (which I thought were ducklings and Megan thought were goslings).  The ranger told us to take as many coots as we wanted, hi hi.  We went to the Cincinnati Zoo, which was great, and to the Ohio Caverns which we enjoyed.

We then went to Delaware State Park and found our trailer wheel had almost fallen off!  Four hours of calling and running around and we could not find a trailer to take the car home with.  Quay Barber offered to get his and come down with Mary.  We will all go home and I'll get it welded back on.  YUCK.  Ruined the last park to a great trip.

Also at Buck Creek we went to the USAF base at the Dayton Museum of Natural History.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website

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