Log of our eighteenth trip of 1991

Punderson State Park

Newbury, Ohio

December 27-29, 1991
Mileage Start 57,334  --  Home 57,431
Attended:  Dad, Megan, Matt, Cousin Jenny, and Kelley

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Punderson, although it has a very poorly designed Campground, is a winter wonderland.  It has ample snow and things to do in the snow.  It's the only or at least the only close-to-Cleveland electrical-available winter camp. It is about an hour east of North Olmsted, Ohio


63 days camping in 1991!!!!  WOW!!!!

We were a bit late getting out.  We ... Mom, Dad, Megan, Matt, and Kelley had to drive to Hudson, Ohio to get one "Fezziwig" puppy!  Mom and Fezzy stayed home and we left.  Having Jenny along is different to say the least.

We walked and sledded on their hill covered with ice.  We went to a Chinese restaurant and Ames and bought a small toy motorhome.  Matt spent the night at Mike's place.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Punderson State Park

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