Log of our tenth trip of 1989

Alum Creek State Park

Delaware, Ohio

November 3, 4, and 5, 1989
Mileage Start 49,799  Home 49,924
Attended:  Dad
Attending the Columbus Amateur Radio Packet Forum

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Alum Creek at one time was a nice, away from things park.  Now, encroachment by the overflow from Columbus has changed its character.  Not only is it no longer "away from things", but it has become home to yuppie boaters.  It isn't unusual to arrive to a bustling, nearly full campground only to wake up the next morning to a ghost town as everyone has left for the lake.


November 3

Kind of odd being here alone.  Arrived at about 1518 with a bit of a knock in the right valve train (AARG!).  Need a gasket to fix it so (I hope) we will wait until I get home.  I got into a few packet boards, registered, ate, called Mom, and went to bed about 7.  Up at 0630.  Noises in the valve train ... uh oh!

November 4

Up at 0630, shower, coffee, 45 minute walk, and then to the packet forum!  9 am to 5 pm -- whew!  But fun!  Neat!  etc!  Came back and typed up messages and a synopsis!  Neat!

November 5

Up at 0930.  A nice one hour walk, lunch, and home.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Alum Creek State Park

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