Log of our seventh trip of 1989

Wolf's Run State Park

Caldwell, Ohio

Forked Run State Park

Reedsville, Ohio

Stroud's Run State Park

Athens, Ohio

Lake Alma State Park

Wellston, Ohio

August 7-12, 1989
Mileage Start 48,218  Home 48,757


Dad 21
Meg 7
Matt 6

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Our hilly tour!


Wolf Run is a very well laid out state park and with good fishing access.  The weather is unseasonably cool (cold at night).  The beach is on the other side and the roads are not conductive to biking by younger kids.  Hills made for younger riders--bike up (slow) then scream down.  Matt could easily make 22 miles per hour.  He had is first high speed bike crash.  We are going to Forked run in hopes of warmer weather and swimming.


A nice park but DO NOT GO THERE VIA 124 OUT OF MARIETTA!  The road is very, very narrow with cliffs overhanging the side you will be driving on.  Matthew is riding Megan's 22 inch five speed bike and he can stop and start it.  There is hardly anyone camped here.  It is nice but there are no friends.  Very hilly and we walked many of them.  The beach --- actually the swimming area has no beach.  There is just a two foot concrete drop into the water.  NO INFANTS!

<Megan adds:>

p.s.  I love you Mom Megan and Matt.  Love you Mom.

<Dad continues:>

Like at Wolf Run we were able to scavenge wood from other sites that people had left.  We had another nice campfire.


At Stroud's Run and hear is a real good suggestion:  Don't take SR 50 to 690 to 20.  Not big enough for one motorhome, let alone anything else.  Sooo ... will let you know if there is a better way after leaving.  It is a real nice, nice area.  The beach is an easy ride, about 1/2 a mile, some on a little traveled county road.  No check in, the Ranger comes around.  The large beach, biggest since Hueston Woods, with clear, clear water.  The campground is just a dead end in the county road (no 20 but off of 20).  There is a large, huge rock the kids climb on.  The water is very good.  We will be refilling.  We swam for about two hours.  75 degrees is almost the coolest that is still OK for swimming.  Matt made a friend with a three year old boy and we called Mom.  We went for a 7 to 8 PM swim.  It was great!  At night I experienced something I had never seen before.  it was raining UNDER THE TREES.  Not a heavy rain, but rain all the same!

(dates are no longer included)

9:53 AM to Radio Shack.  We blew a regulator when the starting the generator to cook sweet corn.  We had to stop at Kroger for pop and Radio Shack for parts.  <A map of how to get in and out is included in the written version.>

Came to Lake Alma--a neat place.  One half mile to two beaches and the roads have a bike lane to the beach!  Neat stuff.  Sites are smaller but very, very nice.  Swam, hiked, and had a nice fire.  Matt's friend told him about a giant spider in the woods and he believed him.  Kept them up later.  Went for a sunset swim and sat around the fire until 11 PM.  We are walking to an island tomorrow and will bike some more.

The dump station is on the road out of the park (this road is one-way, for the most part).  We biked all the way around.  Some, a short part, was on a state route but the berm was wide enough.  It is only about 1 1/2 miles around.  Not the friendliest park but well kept.  This on 8/11--we swam for three hours.  Not long term friends but both had fun.  First Matt then Megan.  Never having friends at the same time.  They had a great time with a girl named Audrey across the way.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website

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