Log of our secon trip of 1989

Geneva State Park

Geneva, Ohio

April 14-16, 1989

Mileage Start 47,095 --  Home 47,243
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 6, Matt 5


<From Megan>

Aprl 14

We jest got here and we are playing crsd:  It is very fun playing with Matt!  I don't no if we are leveing on Moday our Suday?

<From Dad>

Quite a nice park.  No playground but they do have  a set of swings.  We biked around the campground and walked and roller skated.


Up at 8:30 -- Rain until noon then sunny and warm.  We took a long bike ride to the marina and beach.  The beach is a mess now--many, many rocks.  We threw rocks for hours.  We then visited the marina.  The marina building was on a closed road as they are building many things.  It appeared that there would be a new marina.  The one we visited was north by the lake.  We climbed on rocks for hours and visited a white lighthouse type building.  Four hours of nice biking!  The boaters must love this place in the summer!  We came home, made a fire, and cooked hot dogs and marshmallows.  A great day.  Megan got tired and went to bed while Matt and I cooked marshmallows.  Finally, even Matt wanted to go to bed--quite a busy day!


Biked to the marina and had a picnic.  Great time.  Shaw a Coast Guard ship.  Paked up and to the dump.  Nice ride home.  Let's go again.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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