Log of our Second Trip 1988

Dayton Hamvention

and the Tall Timbers KOA Campground

Brookville, Ohio

April 26-May1, 1988
Mileage Start 42,540 Home 42,968


Dad - 21 years old
Matt - 4 years old

Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)


Packed up at 3 PM.  Waiting for Meg to get off the bus and Mom to come home for Meg.

We made one short stop for checking the new bike rack and ate 40 minutes off our time, gas stops I guess!  We have a full hookup site--$90.00 for five nights.  Very nice in the back.  I will get the number later.  We walked in the woods, played on the playground.


Went to bed at 11:30 PM and up at 7:30.  Not enough sleep.  It was supposed to rain overnight but never did.  It is sunny now but 45 degrees.  had fun but Matt misses Megan.  Megan never really missed Matt.  Anyway, we dammed a small creek and made a mini-lake, played Putt-Putt, arcade games , and played on the playground.  Meant to be in bed by 8:30.  9:52 and Matt's finally asleep.  We both had good showers.  I switched to our water.  The water here smells and tastes different.  Hookup is good for showers, though.  Chuck, K8RSH, is across the road from us.  Rain started about 8:30 and it has been off and on but heavy since.  Should be A-OK for the Hamvention.  45 degrees Wednesday, 45 degrees Thursday, warmer Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Up at 7:30.  Some drizzle but not bad.  Winter coat weather!  We bundled up and played, walked, and fished.  matt caught a fish and I caught four.  We had a ball.  A little nap in the afternoon then more fun.  Weather cleared up and I put the grill and tablecloth out.  We put the bikes away.  Crowd is great but there are always some weird-Os. Big fat lard bellies cleaning their noses in the grass.  Goofy drinking.  8:30 PM and we were in, showered, and in bed at 9:44.  Hamvention tomorrow.


We were up at 8 AM.  At 11:15 the first bus came -- 2 busses -- both filled all the way up!  We came back for lunch.  Buzzard is antsy.  We are on site E-54.  Whew.  Nothing at the hamfest worth getting.  I want a mobile rig in the worst way but nothing in the aftermarket worth looking at.


I bought a couple of speakers and a software update.  We only spent about three hours at the hamfest and returned.  Played, cooked hot dogs with KD8EX and friend.  Temps 55-60 at 9 AM 70s (low) with a breeze.  Super weather.  matt caught another fish, his second, and I caught another five.


Up at 9 AM.  Supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny - a perfect day.  Hamvention for some.  12V and 110 VAC fans for the motorhome.  Home at 1415.  A nice trip.

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