Log of our sixth trip of 1987

Yogi Bear Jellystone Park

Mantua, Ohio

July 16-18, 1987


Mileage Start 55,648  --  Home 55,687


Dad - 21
Mom - 43
Megan - 4
Matt - 3
Kelly - 14 weeks


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What a great time for the kids!


We left at 1035 and arrived at noon--1 1/2 hours.  Got site D-29-way in the back.  We brought the kids bikes for the first time-they are having a ball riding them to the playground and back.  The playground is on the next street.  They're sooooo proud.  Meg got her shots yesterday and is getting tired very fast.  She is taking a nap now at 1:30.  Oh well, I guess I can wait!  Went to the beach -- a long walk and very glad the kids had their bikes.  A super beach.  Wagon rides, saw Yogi, watched cartoons, played, whew!


Again went on a wagon ride.  The ride was pretty full when we got on there so I put the kids on and they went alone.  People came pouring in and the park filled up quick.  Tons of people.  Went to the beach, played on the playground (they did).  This is a bad site because I cannot see the whole playground and worry about them.  Ate lunch (what else but snake paws and salamander eyes for Matt and processed elephant toes, river scum, and mushroom mold for Meg).  Went to the beach again.  Came back and played on the playground.  They made some friends who are staying right across the street, from Cincinnati.  They played hard.  They fought before dinner but were the best of friends after.  Walked with them to see Yogi (they still get excited), saw cartoons, and came back.  They spent till 11 PM playing.  It was the most tired I have ever seen Matt.  It was as if he was walking in his sleep.  meg was very depressed as she had to leave yet another "best friend".


Got up at 6:30 AM.  Have to have them back by 1015 for swimming.  Figured I'd get up early in case they wanted breakfast.  They refuse to get up.  Oh well!  Kids slept the whole way home, up top.  Meg as quite surprised to wake up and see she was in the driveway.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Mantua Jellystone Campground

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