Log of our forth trip of 1987

Salt Fork State Park

Lore City, Ohio

Dillon State Park

Nashport, Ohio

Mohican State Park

Loudenville, Ohio

Rajaland Campground

Amherst, Ohio

June 8-14, 1987
Mileage Start 55,100 --  Home 55,472
Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 34, Meg, 4 Matt 3, Sassy 7

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This is our first state park tour.


We left about 10 AM and arrived about 1 PM.  You first go get a site then register.  We went and got ours (G55) then we dumped, changed to our suits, registered, and drove to the beach.  We swam for about three or four hours, fished (nyet), and swam for another hour.  We then set camp and walked and played.  A line of very heavy storms hit up north.  We (well, Matt and I--Meg stayed in the motorhome) watched a storm come in.  We went to bed about 10 PM.  Tried calling Mom at 8 and 9--no answer.  Left a message on the answering machine to turn the darn thing off.  About midnight an electrical storm woke us up but we went right back to sleep.  Got up at 9 AM.


Got up about 9 AM and went fishing, took walks, played on a playground.  We saw a deer on a trail.  A cool day--we had fun.


We had a nice time.  Kids made friends from all over.  Laurie was four sites down and Craig, David, and Brian were across the street.  At one point, at about 9 PM (in the dark) I had Meg over Laurie's and Matt over Craig's.  making friends has really become job one with Matt and Meg.


9:37 AM ... it is time to leave to go to Mohican but all the kids are on the playground.  I feel bad about calling them in!  matt doesn't know how to pump a swing but he sure swings high when pushed.  We to Mohican about noon.  Meg and Matt already have all kinds of friends.  Went swimming for about four hours, they have a big and little pool.  matt fell asleep for about ten seconds during dinner but here it is at 9 PM and they are still full of steam on the playground.  Our site (76) is right across from the playground.  They have been chasing a groundhog all over the playground.  They chase it from hole to hole to hole.  What a gas.  Matt came in full of grass seed.  It took about ten minutes of brushing to get it out of his hair.  They said they fell in poison ivy (hope not!).  Was planning an early bed so we could get to Rajaland, but hate to call them in!  I have my binoculars out to keep track of where they are.  They are not about 75 yards away at a water spigot (playing where I told them not to).  If Matt wasn't laughing so hard he was literally falling down I would yell at them.  Finally have both of them looking both ways before crossing.  What is keeping them both going I will never know.  Typical ... I went out to yell at Matt not to chase Meg and Jonathan with a stick.  He drops the stick, runs between my legs, declares himself "He Man", and continues the pursuit.  Things apparently do not hurt when you are having that much fun.  matt just came up to me to ask me to catch Jonathan and Meg for him.  He hit his chin really hard on a picnic table.  that didn't matter as off he went when he determined I would not help him.  Well--enough is enough--they're going to bed!


We got to Rajaland at about 11 AM.  Thought we would have problems getting a site but the place was about empty.  Had some storms and rain.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a two.  Kids were just not there as Meg and Matt did not have the friends they had at the state parks.  matt did make a friend with the next door neighbor on Saturday night.  Another Matt from Wisconsin.  He has cystic fibrosis and is five.  Unfortunately, neither Matt or Meg got the run they needed.  We spent a lot of time swimming with Mary's friend Nita (from work).  Mary got here about 8 PM on the 12th.  We watched a magic act.  Rajaland just didn't have the magic of the state parks.  Home around noon.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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