Log of our sixth trip of 1986

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Sandusky, Ohio

August 11-12, 1986


Mileage Start 50,502  --  Home 50,617


Dad - 21
Megan - 3
Matt - 2


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What a great time for the kids!  Staying at a campground in Milan.

We left at 5 PM but had to turn around and go back because of visitors.  Got to the campground about 7 PM.  Took a little longer due to very heavy rain.  Took walks, played, had dinner and got to bed about 2300, at least in bed.  Kids jawed until 2330 when I put the kibosh on it.  They slept without the folding chair, we forgot it.  I got up about 6 AM.

I was up at 6-6:15 AM.  We all got up at about 8 and left at 9.  We were at Cedar Point (13 miles one way) at about 9:30.  We opened the park.  We hit the sky ride cable cars and kiddie land.  Matt had a ball on the cars.  Meg seemed to like everything.  At about 1145 we were back in the motorhome for lunch.  After a nap we returned at about 2 PM (1 hour nap).  We went back and came out for dinner at about 6:30.  We went back about 7:30 and left at 10 PM.  We opened (10 AM) and closed (10 PM) the park!  How many 2 and 3 year olds can do that?  We must have walked 20 miles.  Meg and Matt didn't want to go for a walk when we got back to the campground!  That's a first!  No walk on arrival!  Then they were up to 12 midnight jawing.  They were up at 0830.  Meg says we can go to the playground but we are too sore for any long walks.  I agree, my legs are killing me!  Only one regret.  We walked too much.  Had we had a map, we could have known what to ride.  Meg could also have gone on some semi-scary rides.  Next time Matt too!

We got up at 0830.  After breakfast (Rainbow Bright Cereal) we took a walk and told them about a plugged sewer (yuck!).  We watched a train and headed home.  Both Meg and Matt decided they would take a nap and they are still sacked out now a bout 1/2 hour after we got home.  All our legs still hurt!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Cedar Point Amusement Park website

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