Log of our third trip of 1986

Rajaland Campground

Amherst, Ohio

June 12-14, 1986
Mileage Start 50,291 --  Home 50,413
Attended:  Dad, Meg, Matt, Sassy

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Another trip to a campground we came to love.  The thing was developed and no longer exists.  That is just so sad.  This is our first camping trip with a story tape!



We didn't kill ourselves getting going, finally got out by 10 AM.  Once set up we sent swimming and ran sassy and went for walks.  We have a super site right next to the back playground!  Kids can play all they want!  Weather was supposed to be real bad, terrible thunderstorms, etc.  All we had was a little rain and it went down to about 65.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 75.  Problem with keeping the blasted hot water tank lit.  20 mph (25 gusts) winds broadside to the motorhome.  We did have one phenomenal gust of wind at about 2 PM that about turned us over -- very, very, very strange.  Right out of the blue, like a wind sheer or something.  Mom stopped for about 1/2 hour.  What a poop -- she wouldn't stay.  (I should be guilty about going to schools?)


Boy, did we have a busy day.  We got up about 8:15 AM.  After getting cleaned up we went and took a walk through the woods.  Mosquitoes were pretty bad, we should have sprayed ourselves before going.  Had a nice walk anyway.  Meg fell off a log and into some mud.  When we got home, I had to wash her pants out.  Then we took a walk over to the other playground.  We ate lunch and took a nap.  Lots more people arrived at the park.  After our nap we went down to the lake for a swim.  While there, Mommy stopped by.  We wen tot the motorhome and Mommy left again.  We played some more then had dinner.  Mommy was going to watch the kids while I went to work (4-midnight) and I got one more day's rent on the space.  However, I forgot I had to work Saturday night and Sunday afternoon off-duty.  Will have to try and get my money back tomorrow.  After dinner we took Sassy for another walk, played on the playground, played with flashlights, and got ready for bed.  (Also crayoned.)  We read some stories and listened to a storybook tape.  Then Mommy showed up and spend the night.  (She was afraid of being at home alone.)  I woke up at about 2 AM and wrote this.  One thing that really bugs me.  A guy and two girls and a small baby camped across from us in a pickup camper.  They left to go somewhere but left things at the site.  A jackass and two families (all jackasses) took their site.  I told them someone was camped there as did a guy from the park.  When the truck returned they got their stuff and left.  That bothers me!

Mommy stayed and we had a great time walking, playgrounding, swimming ... the kids are very disappointed to be home.  1500 --- got to be back at work at 1600.


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