Log of our fourth trip of 1985

Sea World

Geauga Lake Amusement Park

Yogi Bear at Roundup Lake Campground

Aurora, Ohio

July 21-23, 1985
Mileage Start 46,385 --  Home 46,495
Attended:  Dad, Mom, Meg, Matt, Sassy 6

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A trip to see some amusement parks.  Note that at this time, Sea World was a separate amusement park from Geauga Lake

Arrived at Yogi Bear Roundup Lake Campground at about 7:30 PM (a one hour drive).  Camped with water and electricity only.  Not bad except the site was not level.  The campground was quite unlevel.  The fridge was very warm.

Left early for Sea World.  Got there about 10:10 and stayed until 2 PM.  Went back to the campground and had naps, took a wagon ride and ate dinner.  Then we came back to Sea World for more fun and fireworks.  High lights were the ball-room in Captain Kidd's World and the fireworks.  They also had a place where kids could walk on a thick plastic tarp with something gooshy under it.  They had a ball.  matt was over-excited about the fish.  He really liked them.  We only saw one show, Shamu, which they liked.

Got to Geauga Lake about 11:10 AM and stayed till 8:50 PM.  Good time, we hit every kiddie ride a number of times, usually four times.

Overall a nice, busy trip.  had a great time.  The campground was OK but kids liked visits with Yogi, Boo-boo, and Cindy bear at the playground.  Took two wagon rides.  The two playgrounds were very busy.

Websites:  Geauga Lake and Sea World (now Six Flags), Yogi Bear Roundup

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