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I would like, to begin with, to say that though parents, husbands, children, lovers and friends are all very well, they are not the dog. -- Elizabeth Von Arnim (1866-1941)

January 14, 2002, Gracie's First Day HomeGracie


(as in "Allen", I had nothing to do with this name!  My wife demanded we not name the dog "Toodlepip" so, fine, now we have a "Gracie")


November 12, 2001 - February 16, 2017


Indeed, A Small Dog!

Gracie in my lap, S5˘fritz upside down, and Fezziwig lost in the black behind meWell, we have a Border Terrier!  We're a three (3) dog family.  Gracie came to join us on January 14, 2001.  S5˘fritz and Fezziwig were THRILLED.  When Fezziwig acted thrilled we were all surprised.  Fezziwig supposed to be the crotchety old man who has nothing to do with anyone canine.  S5˘fritz, however, has a new playmate.  She is not rough at all and Gracie has NO compunction about following her around as S5˘fritz dangles her toys in front of her.  She's far too young to be playing with this behemoth now but S5˘fritz's time will come!  That's Gracie in my lap, S5˘fritz upside down and Fezziwig lost in the black behind me.

Two Days Later

Keep away on the couch!Two days later Gracie is playing keep away with S5˘fritz on the couch.  Now, mind you, Gracie can't come close to getting on the couch.  S5˘fritz dangles a leg of the toy and literally fishes for Gracie.  Note the dangling tail that Gracie (luckily) ignores.



Gracie's Baby PicturesGracie's Mom ... Hickory Ridge Joplin Rose

This is Gracie's Mom who's name is Hickory Ridge Joplin Rose.


Gracie has the yellow collar on.




Gracie is with her littermates in this picture.  She wearing the yellow collar.




A Shaggy Border / A Trimmed Border

Borders get shaggy.  They have a very thick outer coat that can be stripped out twice a year.  It isn't that big a job.  It is a nuisance.  Gracie doesn't mind.  She likes the attention.  If you are interested in the breed I would suggest you buy the stripping videos that are available on the net (go to and search for "border terrier stripping video".

OK ... update here ... stripping is a pain.  It is a pain for me and a pain for Gracie.  We determined that clipping is REALLY better than stripping.  The Border sites say that when you clip they shed.  Well, no.  They shed a little before.  They shed a little after.  No difference.  While a nice long coat is great in seven degree weather with seven inches of snow, the summer calls for a much cooler coat!

Click for a large (more kissable) version of a shaggy Grace

Click for a larger (more kissable) version.

Grace after a bathieClick for a larger (more kissable) version.

Gracie's FriendsEleanor and Gracie on play day!

This is Eleanor (our Grand-Pug) and Gracie on play day.


Gracie and S5˘fritz





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Almost two years old, Gracie does it up on Halloween masquerading as a bat.

Gracie loves to chase squirrels, squirrels love to aggravate Gracie!













Here Gracie is driven to distraction by a squirrel that knows just what buttons to push.  Gracie will spend hours playing with the squirrel who seems to enjoy the game as much as Gracie.











Gracie and her 2003 Christmas present ... a big bone!

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Dad and Gracie going bike riding.


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Christmas, 2005







March, 28, 2008:  Gracie just had a bath and needed to shake.  Surprisingly, her nose always is stable, it is the pivot around which the shake shakes.

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More March 28, 2008 pictures after her haircut and bath:

Click for a larger image.Click for a larger image.


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Gracie snoozin'

She may be old, but she sure does still enjoy her walks:



May 30, 2016

Toodledip's first ride in the Mini Cooper ... and two happy puppies!

May 31, 2016

After a long flight to the Carol County Airport Restaurant.


She may be fifteen years old and deaf as a post, but she still enjoys her walks in the woods:

If the video loads slow, here is a link to the file.


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