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I would like, to begin with, to say that though parents, husbands, children, lovers and friends are all very well, they are not the dog. -- Elizabeth Von Arnim (1866-1941)





Standard Rat Terrier

June 11, 2004 (?) - March 13, 2016


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Click for a larger imageUpdate: Moosie started off being named "RTR' (Artie-R).  We were advised that Moosie was a Rat Terrier.  As he was a rescue, we began by calling him "RTR" for Rat Terrier Rescue.  How did RTR become Moosie?  This way: 

 RTR > Artie-R > Artamus > Moose > Moosie

Moosie was reported to be two years old.  WRONG!  Moosie was just a young puppy.  A very well trained young puppy.  He was house trained.  He was obedience trained.  Best of all, he is Catholic!  If Moosie even THINKS about doing something wrong, he suffers overwhelming, crushing guilt. He runs up, sits down and shakes like a leaf.  If he even thinks he as to pee, he shakes.  When one of the other dogs do something wrong, he outs them.  He runs up and shakes.  He'll then lead us to the scene of the other's crime.

A Rescue????  Really!!!!

We have always been exceedingly careful to choose our pets by their bloodlines.  We wanted to know the disposition of both the breed and the bloodline.  By that, I mean that with a Border Terrier you know you are getting a dog that is "hard as nails" and capable.  Next, examining the bloodline of the parents reveals not only that the dog will be true to form, but also that the parents exhibited the proper traits.  With that in mind we again dove into the dog books looking for the perfect breed.  Little Fezziwig was gone.  We needed a companion.

We settled on a Norfolk Terrier.  It appeared perfect.  We decided to head for Maumee Bay State Park and take in the Toledo dog show.  We were to check out the two Norfolks to be entered.  Only one Norfolk showed up and then only for a few seconds.  We did notice the Norwich Terriers.  After a good deal of discussion with a number of breeders it was obvious we would be well suited with a Norwich puppy.  The only thing rarer than a Norfolk is a Norwich.  Their breeding is so closely guarded that dogs are rarely available.  When they are, they are pricey.  A puppy goes for between $3,000.00 and $3,500.00 for a pet with a spay contract!  We did locate a possible pet and another planned litter.  The perfect little dog turned out to be a substantial investment.

As we prepared to email the two breeders to set ourselves up on their list, we also started looking to see if a Norwich/Norfolk rescue might be available.  Matthew kept crabbing about a new puppy peeing and pooping in the house ... for TWO YEARS!!!  The idea of a dog that might be trained or trainable needed to be checked out.  We hit Petfinder with a passion.  Searching under their advanced search for "small", "young" and "terrier" led us to RT.  Oh.  Wait.  Perhaps we better look at RT first.

RT's Original Petfinder Page

Marthy Leary of Star-Mar Rescue and RTWe learned that RT, known as "Pal" at the time, had been in a Guernsey County high-kill pound.  Martha Leary from Star-Mar Rescue said she was not there for RT.  She was there for three other puppies.  RT did the terrier tap.  (Where they look at you and rock back and forth tapping their front feet.  It is the most adorable way to say "look at me!")   RT ended up heading to the rescue.  Three weeks later he was invited to Martha's home where he was the "perfect gentleman".

On June 10, 2005 we visited Martha at her home and was amazed by RT's wonderful and loving personality.  What a great little dog!  At one point RT was on the floor.  But a half a heartbeat later, he was in my lap.  Where he came from and how he got there was a question never answered.  He just appeared.  From the time we entered the house, RT was at ease with us and happy we were there.  Our search was over.  As it was late in the evening we decided to go back on June 11 to retrieve him and bring him home.

RT Comes Home, June 11, 2005

RT on the way homeRT needed a birthday.  As he was about a year old we decided a fine birthday would be on the day of his homecoming, June 11, 2004.  His first day home was on his first birthday.

RT came home during a brutal heat wave.  Daily temperatures were in the mid-90s and the humidity was oppressive.  As we didn't have air conditioning, I kind of wondered what RT would think of the new digs.  We arrived to find RT knew things in his life were about to change.  He peeked out at us from another room.  He was confused.  He was concerned and a little anxious on the way home but still the perfect gentleman.

Meeting the other dogs went well.  RT was very busy scoping out his new home.  He seemed pleased at our fenced yard.  There were so many sights and sounds and especially smells that little time was left for anything else.  His previous home was on a secluded 26 acre country estate.  This built-up suburban place was so very much different.  RT's first duties were undertaken as he alerted some neighbor kids three yards away.  Gracie tried to tell him that we really needed to alert on squirrels as the kids were no fun at all.  RT isn't shy.  He found the basement, the upstairs and all smells in between.  One problem with RT is that he doesn't understand that Fritz is the matriarch.  It is not beyond RT to stare at Fritz.  You NEVER, NEVER, NEVER stare at a German Shepherd Dog that thinks she's alpha.  Fritz would show some teeth ... and ... RT would give it right back to Fritz.  As we ended such things quickly, these pecking order disputes have not come to their obvious conclusion.  That the pecking order will be solved will occur ... soon.

RT with Fritz's favorite toyDue to the heat, we spent a lot of time outside sitting under the cherry tree while Fritz demanded we throw her favorite toy, a green rubber whiffle ball.  At about the tenth throw, RT decided he needed a turn and proceeded to go over and simply take the toy out of Fritz's mouth.  RT promptly brought it back and we began taking turns.  Fritz had a turn.  RT had a turn.  Fritz had a turn.  RT took the ball and ran away with it.  So much for turns.  Fritz politely waited for RT to look the other way, took the ball, and insured that all the turns were now hers.A Little to the Left, Please

  RT went visiting.  He visited Gramma and Grandpa, Aunt Pat and Uncle Lee, Aunt Sue calls him "Arthur".  He ate well, having downed about a cup of food.  RT needs to eat well as he is a skinny thing in need of some bulk.  Back home he determined to collect toys until he realized there were more toys than he had time for.  As evening approached it was obvious RT has had a VERY long day. 

Click for a larger imageIsn't he adorable!!!


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The worlds most loyal co-pilot!


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